How do you make sure you get the budget for IT Infrastructure?

Who do you need the money from?

  • The C-suite.

What does your IT infrastructure team do?

  • Patch systems with security upgrades regularly,
  • Improve their work by implementing automation,
  • Maintain and test highly available systems configurations,
  • Plan and execute procurement of new gear according to needs.
  • Install and configure new gear when it’s time to replace the old one.

What does the C-suite care about?

  • Money.

See the difference in the language spoken by admins and execs?

What must a CIO / IT manager do to get adequate financing?

  • Show the value of the IT infrastructure team’s job!


  • Tell execs each time highly available config prevents systems outage.
  • Tell execs each time the team finishes a big reconfiguration project.
  • Tell execs each time the replacement of broken parts of IT gear.
  • Tell execs each time the team implements effective automation.
  • Tell execs each time the team mitigates a serious cyberattack.

How to translate these messages into execs’ language?

  • Translate it to money as much as you can.

Easier said than done, huh?

How to communicate the value of preventing IT trouble?

  • By calculating the value of the trouble!


  • Estimate the realistic time of unavailability of affected systems.
  • Multiply the number by the mean number of concurrent users.
  • Multiply that by the mean value of one work hour in your company.

Seems like a lot of work?

  • Yes, it is. But if you want the money, show the value!

PS. How would you advertise the work of the IT infrastructure teams to the C-suite?

Let me know in the comments!